REVIEW: My Little Bride (2004)


My Little Bride is such a sweet, little film that gets the credit for my present addiction towards Kdramas. It was a huge hit and is one of the most watched movies by the Non-Korean audience. I love it and it fills me with exuberance every time I watch it!!

Kim Rae Won is a wannabe playboy, fresh out from college and Moon Geun Young is still in high school. Both of them are best friends since childhood. They are forced to get married due to family pressure and then starts their journey towards dealing with this new relation between them and realizing the love they always had but were oblivious towards it. Also, our heroine hides this thing from her school mates, which make the things more interesting for us. And yeah, she even has a crush on one of the boys there.


The movie is cute beyond words and the age gap between the leads never looks weird and of course it’s not very large. Together, Kim Rae Won and Moon Geun Young set off such sparks, that the strength of their chemistry alone is enough to make you love this film. The movie is full of many romantic and cute moments. All the characters make you feel warm. I cannot say much about the music, but I liked the song that is played in the end credits. Marriage of convenience is one of my darling topics and this film shows it beautifully. The day to day life of the persons, who never treated each other romantically but now live under the same roof, is filmed with much detailing and good pace. The movie binds you with its simple charm, its immensely likeable characters, and the intrinsic humor in the writing. The direction is really good.

My Little Bride has a lot of heart and the emotional part is attached with the script naturally and effectively. You feel with the characters.

Kim Rae Won is amazing in this role, perfectly balancing the immature, childlike behavior and the mature husband part. He is the kind of actor, the more you see him, the more you like him. He has a lot of warmth attached to his acting. Moon Geun Young is brilliant in this role, showing the cuteness and dilemma of getting married so early. They both share an adorable camaraderie. Rest of the supporting cast perfectly compliments the leads.

It’s a movie that wins you with its sweet, heartwarmng moments that will surely bring a smile to your face. I felt disappointed when the film ended as I wanted it to go on forever….

My Rating: 10 out of 10.


8 thoughts on “REVIEW: My Little Bride (2004)

        1. snow_white Post author

          yeah…..that’s true…..

          In the movie she played a high school girl and in the drama, there was a kind of mature character…..

          of course she looks different than before 🙂
          But still, she has a baby face in general….


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