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I adore Park Shin Hye a lot. She has this innocent and fresh aura around her which I find really attractive. She is cute as a button and can act well. My love started from You’re Beautiful where she cross dressed as a man, then there was You’ve Fallen For Me with her being girly and sporting a short hairdo, then came Flower Boy Next Door, which personally I think is her best acting work, followed by immensely popular Heirs, which may be disliked by many but there are equal number of viewers and more who loved it. I had this weird experience where I enjoyed it a lot while watching as both of my favorites (she and Lee Min Ho) were starring together but now when I turn back, and well, always knew in my subconscious mind (LOL) that it was not a good show. Not as bad as most claim but full of lots of flaws and untapped potential of such a bright, young cast. Anyway, her last drama was last year’s Pinocchio and I really liked that drama and her in it. She got to play a bubbly and fierce reporter, which was a marked improvement as far as her role is concerned from her previous show Heirs, where most of the time she was made to cry. In between she also did some movies like The Royal Tailor and Miracle in Cell No. 7 and will next be seen in film The Beauty Inside which stars Han Hyo Joo as main lead and a deluge of other actors in guest appearance. Fans must be eagerly waiting for her next small screen project but it’s great that magazines love her and latest one to feature her is Chinese magazine 悦己SELF. I love, love, love these pictures of her. She is seriously looking breathtakingly beautiful and also showing a mature vibe. It’s sexy and graceful and the girl is rocking each picture and outfit. It gives a very relaxed, lazy afternoon atmosphere and Park Shin Hye will be featured in cover page as well as inside pages of the issue next month. Gorgeous!

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Source: 悦己SELF