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You’ve Fallen For Me aka Heartstrings is a sweet, breezy romantic campus drama that has simplicity as its greatest asset. There are very less conflicts and the drama flows like a gentle stream. Those of you who suffered from second lead syndrome in You’re Beautiful, this show is just for you!!

The drama is set in a musical university with a guy who has western music as his major and a girl who has the traditional music as her major. Of course, they collide and love follows. Also, there is a broadway director and a dance professor in the picture.

What I loved in this drama was the depiction of likeness and love between the couple. It reminds us of the days when we fell in love for the first time or had our first crush. The anticipation of the opposite person’s interest in us, ‘he loves me-he loves me not’ factor, the giddy feeling, secretly looking at the person we like and then if the eyes meet, the awkward feeling that supplants after that, stealing glances, soft smiles…I can go on and on in this regard. Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa perfectly fit in this type of role. They are more of a romantic couple, rather than the bickering one and I loved it. They are best friends as well and totally understanding. I loved the slow developing feelings between them as their relation progressed and for a change, we got less arguments. It was refreshing to watch leads who do not exaggerate emotions and flow with the feeling of love and talk with their eyes.


Another great thing about the show is the camaraderie between the whole cast. Marked with lack of conflicts, there is a youthful vibe throughout the series. Also, most of the characters were endearing and properly defined. The drama is a musical one and the music indeed is like one of the characters. The soundtrack is mellifluous and properly placed. You’ve Fallen For Me is filled with lovely moments that include fun, laughs, smiles and romance. I liked that the show doesn’t have a love triangle. No room for misunderstandings in that way.

What didn’t work for me was the unnecessary angst and noble idiocy in the last one or two episodes. The show lost steam due to that. But otherwise, the whole journey was a great one. Korean dramas tend to show more high school stories rather than college ones and it was a welcome change with this drama set in a university.

Park Shin Hye cross dressed as a guy in You’re Beautiful and it was pleasant to watch her here: all colorful and feminine. She has done a very good job in the role of a cheerful and bright girl. She looks lovely. I liked Jung Yong Hwa in You’re Beautiful, but I simply love him in You’ve Fallen For Me. He may not be brilliant actor, but he totally fits in this role. He is just perfect when he softly smiles. Both of them have an adorable and sweet chemistry and are picture perfect together.

Song Chang Ui is great in the role of a cool director. So Yi Hyun fails to impress much. Kang Min Hyuk is the cutest!! So, so adorable and charming. Rest of the cast is also perfect.

A sweet and simple drama. I missed it a lot once I finished watching it.

My Rating: 8 out of 10.