‘Navillera’ is heartwarming! | First Impressions


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I wanted to watch Navillera since the first time I read its synopsis. I’m happy to report that it’s as heartwarming as I expected. The story is fresh as mint with a 70 year old man (Park In Hwan as Shim Duk Chul) trying to fulfill his lifelong dream of learning and performing ballet. He gets help from a young expert ballet dancer (Song Kang as Lee Chae Rok) who is going through a slump. Continue reading

New Korean Dramas: March 2021


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Not as many dramas are premiering in March as last month, but then I ended up watching only Vincenzo from that list (I did try Sisyphus: The Myth but dropped it after 4 episodes). So it’s not like long list equals more dramas. I see a lot of attractions this month, with genres ranging from thrillers-sci-fi to classic romcoms to period dramas. Here is the list! Continue reading

Vincenzo keeps getting better — First Impressions | Episodes 1-4


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The newly premiered tvN drama Vincenzo comes with an interesting case for me — I found the first episode good in parts but was not feeling the urge to continue. Ultimately, I did click next and wow, the show kept getting better, with episode 4 delivering on so many fronts. It was indeed a good decision to continue! Continue reading

First Impressions for Sisyphus: The Myth


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A lot of expectations were set on new JTBC drama Sisyphus: The Myth — it stars the amazing Jo Seung Woo (Stranger, The Classic), it also stars one of the most popular Korean actresses, Park Shin Hye, the concept looks interesting with merging science and fantasy and it airs on current It channel JTBC. Like everyone else, I went into it with hopes of a great ride and after the first two episodes, I can say that I had a good time. It’s not without flaws but the show is intriguing and surely makes me want to know more. Continue reading

Soo Ae And Kim Kang Woo pair up for JTBC drama Duke City


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I have always liked Soo Ae but I have not seen her dramas in recent years. She has confirmed her new drama, titled Duke City and it will star Kim Kang Woo opposite her. the actress last appeared on small screen in 2016 drama Sweet Stranger and Me while Kim Kang Woo was in 2019 drama Woman of 9.9 Billion. Continue reading