New KBS weekend drama Three Bold Siblings with Lee Ha Na and Im Joo Hwan


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The new KBS drama seems like a treat for all weekend drama fans! It is titled Three Bold Siblings and is set around two people who are eldest among their siblings but who grew up in different environments. Continue reading

Kim Sun Ah and Ahn Jae Wook lead JTBC drama The Empire that arrives today


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Another drama set in the legal world? Sigh. I hope it has some fresh flavour to it as we have been seeing a deluge of so many legal dramas this year — One Dollar Lawyer, Blind, May I Please The Court, The Law Cafe and these are just from this month. The number would increase a lot more if I count the previous months. Continue reading

Fantasy drama The Golden Spoon premieres on MBC today with Yook Sung Jae


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MBC is bringing a fantasy drama titled The Golden Spoon. The plot is about a poor man whose fate gets swapped with a rich man via a golden spoon. It is based on a webtoon that ran from 2016 to 2018. It is screen adapted by the writing duo who penned shows like The Prime Minister And I (2013) and superhits Winter Sonata (2002) and Summer Scent (2003), and my personal favourite Sweet 18 (2004). Continue reading

Nam Goong Min headlines One Dollar Lawyer that starts tomorrow on SBS


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A lot of legal dramas are gracing our screens this year and another one is adding to the list — Nam Goong Min starrer One Dollar Lawyer. I really hope the oddball vibe I’m getting from the stills and promos is the tone they are going for as it will help in making things fresh. The actor has been doing serious roles in the past few projects (Awaken, The Veil, Stove League) so it’ll be good to see him doing comedy again. Continue reading

Legal drama May It Please The Court starring Jung Ryeo Won and Lee Kyu Hyung arrives tomorrow


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With Korean dramas being globally popular now more than ever, Disney+ is creating lots of content in the category. Legal drama May It Please The Court is one of its new offerings. It is premiering tomorrow and it is about two lawyers with opposite personalities that work together on a case. Not particularly new setting, but the leads definitely make it something I want to watch. Continue reading