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This year started pretty awesomely for me in terms of drama watching as it started with School 2013 and I loved that show. Okay, that show started in 2012, but to be more optimistic, I can say it the way I want to. And yes, its moniker also suggests that it is indeed a 2013 drama!! I love high school stories, whatever package they are wrapped in: a rom-com or a heart tugging drama that depicts student-teacher relationships or a bromance or the class unity. We have another one to join the bandwagon of school shows, The Queen’s Classroom, remake of a Japanese drama of the same name.

The drama stars Go Hyun Jung (Daemul) as a strict and self-righteous elementary school  teacher who goes from being a college professor to a school teacher, the job she thinks is beneath her reputation. The character will have some bitter scar under her cold exterior, that will get uncovered as the show will progress. This will be Go Hyun Jung’s return to dramaland after three years. I haven’t seen any of her shows before, but What’s Up Fox is in my plan-to-watch list and I really want to see that drama soon.

The students cast for the classroom include Kim Sae Ron (Can You Hear My Heart)  as a studious student of the rebellious sixth grade class that goes against their teacher,  Lee Young Yoo (Swallow the Sun) as a rich, spoiled girl, Seo Shin Ae (last seen in Incarnation Of Money as the chubby and cute younger counterpart of Hwang Jung Eum’s character) and Kim Hyang Gi (Hero).

It will be interesting to see how the teacher deals with this challenging class or it can be said vice versa as well about how the kids will face the no-nonsense, difficult homeroom teacher with a gelid persona. I think the drama has a wide scope of capturing pathos and fun at the same time. I’m all in for the heart warming tale.

The Queen’s Classroom will be directed by the PD Lee Dong Yoon, who also did shows like Best Love and Feast Of The Gods. It will premiere in June on MBC in the Wednesday-Thursday slot.