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They are gonna KISS!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Let me calm down first…okay. So everyone’s darling couple Joong won and Gong Shil from Master’s Sun is going to move one step ahead in their relationship with a kiss. Isn’t that amazing?? It’s always a delight to watch leads kiss but the excitement increases manifold if the actors have an effervescent compatibility and are electric together to make the viewers feel giddy with them. The scenes of the OTP are very soothingly constructed and last week were dreamy as well. Hong Sisters always have lots of heart in their shows and Master’s Sun is no exception to it. They brilliantly mix emotions with fun and that keeps me glued to the screen with their dramas. Also, they make romantic comedies like nobody’s business, always developing the OTP relation in a most effective and romantic way that just touches our heart.

Now that the leads have reached a point where Joong-won, who initially wanted to keep Gong Shil at arm’s length, is now enjoying all the closeness with her, even asking her to remain by his side in order to protect him. I don’t have the translation for episode 9, but we can only deduce that it involves the regular ghost story of the day with more leads’ interactions. Some folks are saying that Gong Shil is possessed by a spirit during the kiss, but that leaves me wondering that she don’t see them while Joong-won touches her. So, even if she is not herself, she will come to her senses by the time that kiss ends. Whatever maybe the case, I’m just glad that So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin will kiss each other and I very much want to root for them in real life 😉 Just look how picture perfect they look, their outfits enhancing the stylish mood of the setting.

Check out the video and pictures for the upcoming episode of Master’s Sun that airs tonight.

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