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Daniel Henney is one of the prime reasons for my entrance into dramaland. My second Korean movie was Seducing Mr. Perfect and I fell in love with him on the spot, right after the first scene. Head over heels. In the process of rummaging more and more of his films, I could only find TV shows (about which I was ignorant at that time) and was disappointed as I couldn’t get enough of him. After some more experience into other rom-coms of K-entertainment, I realised that all the actors had one thing in common: they had almost equal number of films as well as Tv shows and that made way for my research related to dramas and here I am, dedicated wholeheartedly to dramas and seldom go for Korean movies now. As expected, I’ve seen his dramas My Name Is Kim Sam Soon and Fugitive Plan B. My crazy love for him has decreased a bit since then, but I still like him a lot. He is so HOT!! Period. Acting wise, he is okay I guess. He never disappoints me completely on that front.

And now, Daniel Henney is back with his action-comedy-romance film The Spy, which also stars Sol Kyung Gu (Cold Eyes) and Moon Sori (The Legend) in the lead roles. The story reminds me of the Hollywood movie True Lies (starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis) which I thoroughly enjoyed. Sol Kyung Gu stars as a top spy but his identity remains hidden from his wife Moon Sori. He has a huge mission of national importance and goes to Thailand for accomplishing it. To his utter surprise, he finds his wife there (who was supposed to be in South Korea) with a handsome man Daniel Henney. Now, our hero has two things to manage: his mission and his wife!! I’m liking this premise a lot and I do love spy themes mixed with rom-coms as they always give lots of chances for funny shenanigans. The stills look perfect for an entertaining ride. Although Sol Kyung Gu and Moon Sori are mainly movie actors and hence, I’m not acquainted with them, I’m totally looking forward to The Spy, which looks just the right choice for a light-hearted romantic-comedy with a dash of actions and good acting (also having a great supporting cast) to complete the thrill.

The Spy releases today, i.e., September 5.

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