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Well, it seems like ages since I last saw Master’s Sun because we only had single episode last week as the show got pre-empted on Wednesday due to a holiday. And that led to the extension for the drama with one episode extra. The irritating factor that comes with extensions is that it feels that the scenes have been inserted which were not planned initially and that somehow takes away the excitement as well as pace of the drama. Anyway, I can’t complain because this addition means more So Ji Sub and more Gong Hyo Jin and more of their cute and romantic interactions and lots of skinship. Now that would be a bonus delight for the viewers.

I’m not reluctant to the age old formula of amnesia because it brings along more opportunities to play with the existing set-up. I think what is left in the show is to solve the past kidnapping issue, the mystery about Hee-joo and her twin sister and finally, bring back Joong-won’s memories, which are already making their presence in his mind now and then.

Episode 14 preview is out and it looks like some more angst is awaiting for us with Gong Shil trying to stay away from Joong-won. I wonder what will happen if she’ll remind him about her? Was there any caveat regarding the reneging that promise with the creepy ghost match maker? I guess the answers will be given in the next episode. And yes, I’m so relieved that Secretary Kim is a good guy 🙂 He is my third favourite character in Master’s Sun.