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Cunning Single Lady turned out to be breezy and smooth, quite opposite to what I expected before its premiere. I thought that it would be slapstick and over-the-top but it was a pleasant first week with flawed characters. I think both the leads are responsible for their present status of being divorced and they are also not mature enough. Ae Ra did try her best to support Jung Woo when he was working on his business ideas but then after 4 years struggle, she gave in. Maybe there was something related to miscarriage as it is hinted that she was sick before the final breakdown with respect to their relationship.But still, I think she has liking for materialistic happiness. Even when she returned the compensation amount by Jung Woo, she did start feeling about him not contacting her only when she learned that he has become rich. So basically she is after luxuries and monetary status. Also, she does not want to become self-dependent. Jung Woo never considered the other side of the relationship and only thinks that Ae Ra left him but he ignored the fact that she suffered so much when he cared only about work. Anyway, both of them need to learn a lot in life. One more thing to consider is that they got married too soon when they were in the initial days of love when everything is rainbows and unicorns and did not get to become sensible or level-headed to decide what each want for themselves or with the other party. I’m hoping that now they’ll realise their own  shortcomings and deliberate over what went wrong instead of blaming each other. And I love that the show has established the initial set-up and now I can’t wait for what is in store for us. I’m sure we’ll be getting more flashbacks to throw more light on our OTP’s relationship. I think I’ve said this before but I simply adore Ae Ra and Min Young’s friendship. Yay for girl bonding!

The preview for episode 3 is here and I think we’ll be getting workplace hijinks and lots of funny moments.


Dialogues as played in the video:

Who asked you for money?

I’m most thankful for then.

You should have at least told me.

It’s the most precious thing I learned from working.

Do you express your admiration with phit, phut, pht?

What’s so cool about him?

Where the responsibility lies this time, we will definitely assign blame before we continue.

No matter what, I can’t give up on myself.

And what is all this?

Didn’t you know that you’ll leave a record if you go in?

Is it all over now?

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