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It’s really a breath of mint fresh air that we are seeing Ha Suk Jin in a role that says keywords like solving problems, helping, understanding in its description, something as different as chalk and cheese if we consider some of his last roles which were that of an arrogant, haughty man (See: 1% Of Anything, Drinking Solo). Though the new role does come with ‘gruff personality’ as a trait for the hero.

Ha Suk Jin plays a rich man in upcoming KBS show Your House Helper who gets disowned by his family when he sticks to his principles. He then begins a new job of being a housekeeper to working women and thus helps in not only keeping the house in order but also their chaotic lives. Kpop group Cosmic GirlsBona is the leading lady, playing an intern at an ad agency who is friendly and ambitious. The idol has previously done shows like Lingerie Girls’ Generation and The Best Hit.

The show also stars Lee Ji Hoon (You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin, School 2013) as a lawyer and Laughter in Waikiki‘s Go Won Hee as a jewelry designer. The show looks like a modern take on relationships and work with a likeable ensemble cast. I’m liking the casual, lighthearted vibe we are getting from the posters, not to mention the smiling faces.

Your House Helper is based on a 2014 webtoon and for the small screen, directed by the PD of Strongest Deliveryman and written by one of the junior writers of The Producers. It starts airing from 4th July in the slot of Wednesdays and Thursdays.