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I must say I was completely disappointed with this pair’s last drama, Gu Family Book, due to multiple reasons. So obviously I was not too excited after reading about the reunion of Lee Seung Gi and Suzy in forthcoming SBS drama Vagabond, a spy and conspiracy thriller. But as time passed, I remembered that they were cute in that show. Add to that my love for Lee Seungi Gi and liking Suzy in her last drama While You Were Sleeping. Thus, my interest level has increased now but cautiously. Another factor that I’m looking forward to is the talent behind the production — the PD-writer team has given us some of the most enthralling and thrilling dramas like Giant, History Of The Salaryman and Incarnation Of Money.

Vagabond stars Lee Seung Gi as a confident and careless stuntman who is also a martial arts expert. He gets embroiled in a deep conspiracy after he starts investigating a plane crash and uncovers deep rooted corruption. Suzy plays a secret National Intelligence Service agent. After unsatisfactory Hwayugi, I’m really hoping that Vagabond will bring back the magical Lee Seungi Gi! Shin Shung Rok (Liar Game, You From Another Star) costars as the team leader of National Intelligence team. I love spy thrillers and I love conspiracy thrillers and thus, the plot sounds exciting!

Vagabond marks 5 years since the two lead actors worked together in 2013 and also reunites Lee Seung Gi with the PD who directed him in You’re All Surrounded (2014). The show plans to premiere in second half of 2018 and held its first script reading a few days back.