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I always debate on who is my most favorite Korean actor among so many of them, joining my favorites’ list day by day. My confused thinking shortlists Lee Min Ho and Lee Seung Gi. And that’s where the real dilemma starts. But if I consider the actor whose almost all the dramas I’ve seen, Lee Seung Gi wins. I haven’t seen his dramas prior to Shining Inheritance though. He is really cute, has an incandescent comic timing and does the serious roles (The King 2 Hearts) with same finesse. I loved Lee Min Ho in Boys Before Flowers, but apart from it I haven’t seen any other of his shows. I did start Personal Taste, but found it really uninteresting. I really want to see City Hunter, which I’m gonna do in a few days. As for Faith, I have no intention of watching it. It never appealed me right from the get go.

Coming back to matter at hand, Lee Seung Gi is back with his next drama, a fantasy period drama called Gu Family Book. This will be the first time that he will be doing a sageuk. He is playing a half human half gumiho, wanting to be a human after falling in love; so are the roles reversed this time from his My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho?? The leading lady opposite him is Suzy (Dream High, Big), who plays a skilled fighter and talented with the use of bow and arrow. I like Suzy, but she never impressed me with her acting, only the prettiness and cuteness. Hopefully, this time she will be better. Lee Yubi (Nice Guy) is playing Lee Seung Gi’s first love, daughter of a man who saves our hero during childhood and takes care of him. Yoo Yeon Seok (Tasty Life) completes the love square with playing Lee Seung Gi’s rival; a cold and cynical character who is perfect in not only studies, but also in martial arts and swordplay. I think this drama will be a “first time period drama” for most of the actors.

Lee Yeon Hee (Ghost) will be doing a special appearance.  She plays daughter of a nobleman, who becomes a gisaeng after her father is framed for disloyalty and killed. She falls in love with her rescuer (another cameo by Choi Jin Hyuk (Panda And Hedgehog) ). He is the god from the mountains. They are the parents for our hero.

I am really excited for this show, mainly because of Lee Seung Gi and the rest because of the interesting plot. Gu Family Book will premiere in April on MBC.



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