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I have great affection for high school stories. They are full of warmth, fun, nostalgia, poignancy, heartfelt emotions, etc. The recent School 2013 touched my heart completely and I always welcome such shows with open arms. The new addition to it is the forthcoming The Queen’s Classroom, which stars Go Hyun Jung (Dae Mul) as a strict and rigid elementary teacher of 6th grade class that consists of many precocious child actors like Kim Sae Ron (Ajusshi), Seo Shin Ae (Incarnation of Money), Kim Hyang Gi (A Werewolf Boy), and Chun Bo Geun (Gone With the Wind). The teacher believes that the toughness will prepare the students for the realities of life. But the class rebels against her and I find this part really intriguing as we have seen in almost all dramas that the teacher becomes the shield and emotional support system for the students but here it’s exact opposite. Also, usually it’s the high school students that are shown, but I find it exciting that we will deal with little kids here and the clash of the teacher-student with each having their own opinions is something I’m looking forward to. I’m sure both sides will learn something in this journey.

The Queen’s Classroom is a remake of the highly popular and critically acclaimed Japanese drama Jyoou no Kyoushitsu, that came in 2005. It will have a total of 16 episodes with airing its first on 12 June on MBC, as its predecessor When A Man Loves ended this week. What a day and night contrast between the two consecutive shows!! The direction is by PD of Feast of the Gods and Best Love (one of my favorites), so I can clearly see the feel-good, but lots-of-heart vibe. The drama will take Wednesday-Thursday slot. Check out the posters, which are simple and define the basic premise of a dictator type of teacher, and also posted are some stills from the show and pictures from script reading session.

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