I have already written about this topic in my previous blog (which got deleted as it was something like a practice exercise) and I’m again posting this.

Either you are a newbie or an experienced drama watcher, there is no way you’ve not heard of Dramabeans. A perfect site for all your drama musings. I was also enthralled and fascinated by the amazing writing of Javabeans and rest of the members of the site. And they surely inspired me to start my own blogΒ for freely expressing and cherishing my love for Kdramas.

Recaps are an important and very popular feature of many blogs. I especially go to Dramabeans and Koala’s Playground for that. And on reading those, I thought that it would be so cool and fun to write these recaps myself. Right. NO. I realised later that the job is far more difficult and tiring than it seems so.

My previous blog [at which time I was quite naive as it was my first experience in writing anything as a writer (if you can call it)] came into existence during the premiere of 2012’s hit melodrama Nice Guy and I decided to recap it. And after doing like 4 or 5 episodes, I came to the conclusion that I should never try it!!

My Observations/ Inferences:

  • Recapping makes watching a drama an exercise rather than the relaxed enjoyment. It’s like we are completing an assignment for a class or a job. You remain more alert and think about how this particular scene is gonna be written or expressed.
  • There is always an anxiety to recap as soon as possible after an episode is aired. Availability of the episode video and the subs play a very big role in proliferating this anxiousness.
  • There is a high chance that the recaps need you to write straightforwardly the scenario rather than thoughtful expressions, because come on, you just need to write what happened. And that can cause conflict with your inner writer.
  • The screenshots. Well, you’ll keep on wondering that which scene would look good in the picture rather than watching that scene. Even when I decided that let me watch the episode first and I’ll take the screenshots later, well, rewatching, marked with occasional fast forwarding, is not an easier thing at all. A total headache.
  • Fast forwarding, because that can save time and you can quickly go to post the recap on time. Again, the drama watching is disturbed.
  • I used to love it when there was more music so that I would have to write less. Isn’t that funny? πŸ˜€
  • Writing for aggravating characters can be..well, aggravating!!
  • Time. It takes a whole lot of time to write a single episode recap. Just try it and you’ll know πŸ˜‰

Finally, I came to this conclusion that recapping is one of the most annoying and tiring things and hats off to those who write it, and so perfectly laced with humour and wit at that. Even they explain each and every scene in a detailed manner. I think I can write summaries but that also somehow kills my enjoyment.

I LOVE reading recaps but I’m gonna stick to writing reviews, updates and everything drama related EXCEPT recaps. LOL.