‘Mr. Sunshine’ releases character posters

Upcoming grand scale tvN drama aka Mr. Sunshine is gearing up for its premiere next month and has released character posters for complete main cast. The pictures look equally epic and quality stuff. Let’s hope the show also delivers in terms of execution, plot and production values as it’s set in the era of early 20th century. It’s a 100 percent pre-produced drama. Brownie points for this factor! The show once again reunites writer Kim Eun Sook and director Lee Eung Bok after superhit shows (both aired in 2016) Descendants Of The Sun and Goblin. Mr. Sunshine is chock-a-block with popular actors who are known for their acting talent and popularity in films as well as television.

Lee Byung Hun (returning to dramaland after 9 years as he did very successful IRIS in 2009) plays an American soldier who was born in Korea but was shipped to the United States in 1871 during the Korean expedition. He returns to his home country much later and falls in love with the daughter of a noble family, played by Kim Tae Ri (her very first drama after gaining popularity with acclaimed film The Handmaiden in 2016). Then we have Yoo Yeon Seok (Answer Me 1994) who plays a man born as butcher who later becomes the president of a chapter of the Black Dragon Society. Kim Min Jung (Man To Man) stars as a CEO of a hotel that she inherits from her Japanese husband. The actor replaced Kim Sa Rang (Secret Garden) as the latter had to leave the show due to schedule conflicts. All four actors’ posters show them wielding a weapon of some kind and the whole setup makes me feel that we are going to get a mix of romance, action and noir elements. My favorite Byun Yo Han (Misaeng) has a different kind of poster where he looks like a cheeky person (and so classy), the pipe and drinks completing the picture. He plays an unemployed man who returns to Korea after studying in Japan. Seems like everyone is returning to their home country in this show!

Mr. Sunshine premieres on July 7th with a long length of 24 episodes.


4 thoughts on “‘Mr. Sunshine’ releases character posters

  1. Kay

    You can always count on the production quality being high with this writer/director duo. I tend to like their dramas and am excited for this one. I’m also really interested to see their first foray into a full historical especially with a unique time period 🙂

    1. snow Post author

      Yes…their production values are always high and laced with top stars.
      I have mixed views on their shows (especially the writer)..I love the humour…which is great but overall I’m detached emotionally from the characters..love story does not click all my romance buttons.
      I’m looking forward to this one (minus the real life thing attached wrt the main lead)..let’s see how this one turns out!
      And yes,,,,the time period is definitely one which is not really explored…so excited for that as well.

    1. snow Post author

      Yes…the drama surely looks interesting with its cast and period setting.
      Not sure which streaming channel will run it though!


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