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Master’s Sun is gaining more and more admiration from me as it’s clearing its way forward with more couple interplays, more ghost stories which always receive my notice and thankfully never bore me even when they are short or doesn’t cause an impact on the grand picture of things in the show, more second leads narratives and more skinship 😉 Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub look great together and I found episode 4 the best out of all the previous ones as not only it had many OTP moments, but the story related to spirits was also different and scary. I loved the last hug that our hero gave to our heroine because that shows that he has started caring for her now. Yay. I agree that the pace is a bit slow but it’s not annoying. Unlike some of the viewers who think that So Ji Sub looks starkly similar to Cha Seung Won‘s Dokkojin (his character in Best Love), I feel that they have different styles and voice, except only a teeny weeny bit of a glimpse in one or two scenes.

I’m really excited for the upcoming episodes this week as it looks like the leads are heading somewhere and that means more and more fun!! Check out the preview for episode 5.

If I’m not here, you think you’re gonna die from being scared right?

Will you go with me?

For me, if you’re not here, it just feels a little lacking?

Do you borrow money from loan sharks?

A ghost… there’s one next to Kang Woo as well..
If you find him the right partner,
he’ll be able to leave peacefully.

That lady should do.

She is an important worker of mine. Get out of there.
Tae Gong Shil!

– CEO.. Go in..
The person that likes me…

Settle on friendship.

He said he’ll gather up courage for me.

I started to want to know you.

A love triangle!

I want to try going there. I’ll go there!