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It seems like ages since I wrote anything about the KBS weekend drama You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin. Although I have stopped watching it, I’m reading the recaps and I’m glad that I dropped it. It’s just continuing like clockwork. I started it as I loved the cast, especially Jo Jung Suk, even when it had 50 episodes. Initially, I liked it in spite of the plot that was as predictable as a canteen menu. Still the cuteness was enough to make it worth trying. After a few episodes, the birth secrets and annoying characters took the centre stage with romance thrown out of the window and that was all needed to finally bid farewell to the show when my fingers were tired of fast forwarding and I watched it with half an eye. Anyways, its follow-up drama is another family drama called King’s Family (or The Wang Family) but looks more cheerful and upbeat than its predecessor.

King’s Family is a story depicting the challenges of a family of four daughters and one son. The first daughter moves back home after her well-off family of in-laws goes bankrupt. The second one faces financial difficulties as her husband is jobless and the third daughter suddenly decides one day to quit her job. The show stars Kim Hae Sook (she was amazing in I Hear Your Voice), Lee Yoon Ji (The King 2 Hearts), Oh Man Seok (Wild Romance), Lee Tae Ran (who is currently appearing in another weekend show Goddess Of Marriage) and Oh Hyun Kyung (Shark).

I like Lee Yoon Ji a lot but after learning my lessons from one long weekend drama that they are not my cup of tea, I think I’ll stay away from those for sometime now. King’s Family is being directed by the PD who has shows like Just You and When Spring Comes in the filmography while the screenwriter penned Live In Style and First Wives Club. The drama premieres on August 31.