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New weekend drama alert!! MBC is bringing Hong Soo Hyun, Lee Sang Yeob and Seo Ji Seok together for its weekend show Will You Love And Give It Away. Yeah, it’s a pretty long title. Hong Soo Hyun and Lee Sang Yeob are reuniting after they did the sageuk Jang Ok Jung this very same year, although they didn’t have a romantic storyline there. I liked Lee Sang Yeob in Nice Guy and he was quite appealing in it, but haven’t seen any of the other leads’ shows.

Will You Love And Give It Away is a story of family members from the second marriage of an older couple. It’s about two elderly people falling in love, played by Park Geun Hyung (The King of Dramas) and Cha Hwa Yeon (Hundred Year Inheritance). He is a retired prosecutor and she runs a restaurant. Well, that sounds sweet so far. The problem: our heroine is the woman’s daughter while the hero is the man’s son. That is going to create a very big problem in their love line. Maybe they’ll sacrifice their love for the parents. Either way, that will be disappointing and sad. Hong Soo Hyun stars as a bank employee and Lee Sang Yeob plays a jobless but sincere man. They surely look adorable together in the stills. Seo Ji Seok was last seen in High Kick 3 which was very long ago and his fans can cheer for him as he plays Mr. Perfect which might not mean a second lead for a change, as I don’t see a bed of roses for the other pairing as far as getting together is concerned. Seo Ji Suk stars as a chaebol.

The weekender will be directed by the PD of Queen Of Reversals and the writer wrote Just Be Like Today and Definitely Neighbours. Touted as a family weekend show, one can expect multitude of episodes. After diving in headfirst for You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin (a family weekend show), I’ve concluded that this particular variety of dramas is not my cup of tea. Check out the script reading pictures and stills from the drama.

Will You Love And Give It Away follows currently airing I Summon You, Gold! and premieres in September.

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Seo Ji Seok (the picture is not from the drama) :sjs