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Two Weeks continues to be awesome with each episode. After finishing 12 episodes, I can say that I’m in love with the show. It has that right gallimaufry of various sentiments nicely balanced together, particularly thrills and emotions with a very slight touch of romance (in flashbacks). As I mentioned before, the simplicity and straightforward nature of plot is what makes it easy to relate and understand with enough nail-biting anxiousness roped in each day as Tae-san heads towards the final day of surgery. Even when we know that he will obviously come out of the worst situations planted by the baddies, it is to the show’s credit that we sit on pins and needles thinking about how he will do that. The drama has built up so much sympathy for our hero’s character that I just wish for him to be happy forever and lead a peaceful life with his daughter and In-hye. He is just so naive and innocent and I loved how the drama portrayed his growth within a few days under extreme circumstances and now he has started to put on his thinking cap. Jae-kyung is rocking with all her badass attitude and planning even when she acts on instincts many times. I love the partnership between her and Tae-san and all plans they are making to capture the evil forces. Yes, you need a suspension of disbelief in many instances here but the whole thrilling effect and fast pace compensates for it as does the solid heart of Two Weeks.

The background score gets full marks to amplify the intense appeal of the show and I particularly like two songs from the OST. The first is the fast and rocking Run by Nell, which is played during the end credits. It is just right for the gripping thrills which is the basic nature of our story. The second one is The Day You Come by Yoo Seung Woo which is played during the dad-daughter scenes and it is such a warm number and I especially love that whistling!!

P.S. Park Ha Sun looks so pretty in all her scenes (yes, I’m her FAN :))

Run by Nell

The Day You Come by Yoo Seung Woo