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The lovely soundtrack of Melo Is My Nature aka Be Melodramatic

I watched Melo Is My Nature (also known as Be Melodramatic) a few days back and I absolutely loved it. The soundtrack was among the prime factors for loving this drama. So here is the list of songs that are on loop since I first heard them, and some grew on me as I watched this lovely, low-key show. Continue reading

‘Because This Life Is Our First’ OST: In love with it!

I’m pretty late to the party of last year’s Because This Life Is Our First lovers but better late than never! I completely loved the drama except some last minute hiccups. Among the oodles of reasons for the adoration, the soundtrack of the show is a prime highlight. It is very soothing, soft, low-key and yet very strong. Not only on the main central couple, but the songs are played on the other two secondary couples as well, who also are an important part of the story and its meaning. So here is the list of songs that are continuously on loop since I completed the show: Continue reading

The songs I like from ‘Girl Who Sees Smells’ OST


Girl Who Sees Smells wrapped up its run last week and I will surely miss our cutie pie couple. I thought this was the right time to have a discussion on the music of the drama, so that we can once more relive all those moments. The OST has lots of songs but here is the list of songs that I loved. If I have to define the music of the show in one word, it would be upbeat. Continue reading

My favourite songs from the ‘Misaeng’ OST


It’s been a while since Misaeng completed its run and what better way to once again remember it than having a discourse about its soundtrack. Having been busy in real life things, I’m not getting a lot of blogging time and hence, so many posts have been delayed. Not to mention my drama schedule has also become messy but gradually I’m rearranging things. But I digress. Continue reading