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I will not go as far as to say that Big led me to believe that I won’t get a decent drama from my favorite writers, the Hong Sisters, anymore. But yeah, I kept my expectations low and I’m so happy to announce that they are back on track with giving one of the most charming dramas of 2013 with Master’s Sun. It is a sweet and zippy take on the favorite theme of the year aka ghost seers with a magical couple at its centre who make it work like a dream with their natural charisma and perfect wavelength with each other.

Master’s Sun is a love story between a woman who can see ghosts and a man who can help her to get rid of this unwanted ability whenever….he touches her. Ha. Now that premise itself brings a bundle of speculations regarding the comic and romantic shenanigans that can arrive.


The drama contains an episodic ghost-of-the-day approach and yet, it never looks stilted as there is a seamless progress in our couple’s relationship as well as individual growth and the stories act as catalyst for that. Not only the stories trigger hilarious moments, but also are poignant in a bittersweet way. Then there is also a back story involving mystery elements regarding our hero and his first love. The struggle of our heroine to be in her own world or let our hero enter her own completely different world with all risks involved completes the basic outline of Master’s Sun.

But the show is more about the endearing couple than the story. The way they come together due to each other’s needs, the gradual falling in love and finally learning to understand each other, has that magical touch which is simply effervescent. I just love the way they look at each other or how they make a simple gesture of holding hands supremely romantic. I loved their frank and funny interactions. So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin shine as they play off each other and give a new meaning to the word chemistry. They don’t have any annoyingly bickering relation as she is calmer while he is a bit of a jerk. I liked the transformation of our hero throughout the series from a money-minded arrogant businessman to a caring and adorable person, all the while maintaining his basic nature. Similarly, our heroine is full of warmth and composure but is strong as well. She also learns with time to be comfortable with her power.


As is the case with all Hong Sisters dramas, Master’s Sun is embedded with metaphors, which I have to admit were not fully comprehensible at times but then I love them nevertheless as the wordplay really is funny. The show also subverts the dramaland stereotypes ranging from first loves to candy heroines to amnesia.

Master’s Sun is breezy and beautifully directed with a soothing background score. It works at a relaxed pace but never drags. There are some great characters. Firstly, secretary Kim, who acts cupid for our OTP and he is simply awesome from start to finish. We also have second set of couple and I’m so glad that they got together at last. They provide some of the cutest moments of the show. Then, we have our hero’s uncle and aunt plus our heroine’s sister and her boyfriend who also get space to give comic bits. I liked that we didn’t have any completely negative people here except of course the main villain of our story. The neighbourhood kids were cute as a button. There were even some cute ghosts and the one which need a special mention was the trash can ghost whose scenes with So Ji Sub were a delight to watch. There were never any scenes where I had to fast forward and enjoyed every little scene/ character.


The main conflict was not all that interesting but it was mainly because we just loved our OTP so much that everything seemed dim in front of them. The pace of Master’s Sun slowed down in the last two episodes but that is understandable as it got extended. Even then, I didn’t feel that anything was added inconveniently or was incongruous. The ending was pitch perfect, giving complete satisfaction.

Gong Hyo Jin is effortlessly brilliant and luminous, and establishes a lively and warm rapport with her costars as well as viewers. The surprise ingredient is So Ji Sub who is outstanding in every frame. He is so adorable, handsome, charismatic and has one of the most beautiful hands!! Seo In Guk is cute and performs well. Kim Yoo Ri showcased a good balance of being a bit greyish but in a totally harmless way. The drama has superb supporting cast with Choi Jung Woo giving a stellar performance.

The bottom line: Master’s Sun is a delightful show with two amazing actors who are amazing together. Love them.

My Rating: 9 out of 10.