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In the midst of many high-profile dramas that are set to premiere this month (Heirs, Medical Top Team, Marry Him If You Dare), a cute, low-key rom-com is making its way as well and it’s titled Unemployed Romance. Judging from the promotional materials, it looks like a sweet little show that suits me right to the ground as (1) it has only 10 episodes in total (a thing as rare in dramaland as water in a desert) and (2) it will air only an episode a week (Hee!). The drama is scheduled to air on cable network E Channel and starts tomorrow, i.e. 5th October.

Unemployed Romance stars Lee Young Ah (Vampire Prosecutor) as an aspiring writer who lives off of unemployment checks while chasing her dream and she meets her college sweetheart Nam Goong Min at unemployment office. He is not at all happy to see her as he has his reasons for it but of course, we know they’ll come together eventually. Rom-coms are never about the innovative or groundbreaking plot but all about freshness and deftness in treatment and the chemistry of the couple. I have no idea about the heroine but have seen Nam Goong Min in his cameo role as Moon Geun Young‘s boyfriend in Alice In Cheongdamdong (which I dropped mid-way by the way), and that wasn’t enough to form an opinion. But from the other viewers, the general consensus tells me that everyone likes him! The drama has a new writer and director and will have Saturdays as its broadcast slot. The supporting cast includes Suh Joon Young (Sirius) and Bae Seul Gi (Best Love).

Definitely tuning in for this ride. Check out the posters of the leads, giving a variety of expressions while sporting the same outfits in all. Cuteness galore!!

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