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Two Weeks is easily one of the best offerings of 2013. It perfectly blended action with emotions and worked on the limited time format a la 24. There is an extra excitement and nail-biting tension when you restrict the time frame and one expects the drama to have only necessary plot lines and free from meaningless loops. Another drama is coming up taking three days as its time period and it’s titled Three Days. Obviously. Yoochun has been confirmed as the main lead which will be the role of president’s bodyguard. It will take the story of the president’s disappearance while on vacation and our hero’s quest to find him. Sounds exciting and thrilling. I have seen Yoochun in only Sungkyunkwan Scandal and he was pretty impressive in his debut role. After that, he has done a wide range of dramas: melodramatic Missing You, comedy Rooftop Prince and a little bit different show Miss Ripley. He is currently filming his first movie Sea Frog. What made me really enthusiastic about this project is that Park Ha Sun is in talks to take on the role of the female lead. Yay. I love her. She is always charming. It’s true that she recently did similar Two Weeks but in Three Days, it will be a poles apart character of a local police officer. So, from kind of damsel-in-distress to badass cop! If she confirms, I’m definitely tuning in.

Three Days plans to start in February 2014 on SBS and comes from the writer of Ghost and Sign while PD did Tree With Deep Roots. That’s one solid team behind the camera.