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Yes, I’m excited for upcoming rom-com Pretty Man even when the reason is quite unique. As I already said before, I’m drawn to the stories where ‘girl falls in love first’ like a moth to a flame. It makes me root for her automatically and if it’s a crush of ten whole years, I’m on my heroine’s team in the blink of an eye. Pretty Man is a story which involves this case with our hero seducing ten women but ultimately finding true love. The show stars Jang Geun Suk, IU, Han Chae Young and Lee Jang Woo. Posters and stills have been released for this comic-based show and it looks like a cute and colorful combo, something on the lines of Playful Kiss and To The Beautiful You (which were also based on manhwa). IU is looking cute and adorable but these kind of roles can veer into annoying territories if not done properly. Jung So Min nailed similar role in Playful Kiss and made her character of Oh Ha Ni truly endearing and warm. Hopefully, we’ll get a decent heroine here as well.

Pretty Man is replacing makjang-melodrama Secret on KBS, which is currently the top spot drama with my current favorite Heirs taking the second place with decent ratings. The premiere date is November 20, which can be postponed if Secret goes for an extension. I have already dropped Mi Rae’s Choice because I cannot watch a show which do not use fantasy genre with rules and even when I was enjoying it, the urge for next episode just disappeared. That means I have lots of time to add a new show on my schedule. Hopefully, Pretty Man will be good!!

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