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It has been a while since I last wrote about upcoming period drama Age Of Feeling starring Kim Hyun Joong and since then, the show has undergone certain changes: Kim Jae Wook (Who Are You) has joined the cast and Kim So Eun has been replaced by Jin Se Yun (Bridal Mask). Now this is a happy as well as sad news for me as I’m excited to see Kim Jae Wook but Kim So Eun was one of the reasons for me tuning into the show. Anyhow, I’m loving the poetic visual appeal and epic nature of the drama which can be seen through posters and certain stills. I don’t know about the acting front but the drama looks beautiful, brimmed with gorgeous costumes, sets and production quality.

Based in 1930s Shanghai, Age Of Feeling is a romantic noir drama about love, friendship, patriotism and passion of youth. It also stars Im Soo Hyang (but I’m not sure who will be the main leading lady) and Kim Gab Soo who looks awesome as always. I’m on the fence regarding my interest in the drama: I have lots of liking for leading man Kim Hyun Joong but I’m not acquainted with the heroines. Also, I love period dramas but I think they bring an added onus of great acting with them and for that I’m somewhat cautious here. But the promos are nice and promising that the drama is not all fancy and style but has substance as well.

Kim Hyun Joong plays a street fighter (and he looks so different from all his earlier appearances!! What a transformation from a pretty, soft boy to a rough and tough action hero), Im Soo Hyang is his love-turned-enemy as her father gets killed due to his family and she is on a revenge path. Jin Se Yun stars as a club dancer with a one-sided love for our hero and forms a love triangle with him and Kim Jae Wook.

With a total count of 24 episodes, Age Of Feeling is helmed by the PD of Sweet 18 and The Immortal Lee Soon-Shin while one of the writers penned shows like Detective Mr. Lee and Best Mother. It will take over the Wednesday-Thursday slot from Pretty Man on KBS, a smaller shoe to fill as far as ratings are concerned.

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