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Every new year we make resolutions. It is another thing that most of them remain for decorating the list. But it’s always fun to make such lists. With 2014, I’m planning to follow certain points with respect to dramaland as well. Why, this is an essential part for me now!!

Here we go:

Interest/ Quality over Quantity:

When I started blogging, I thought of watching as many dramas as I could so that I would have more things to post here. But trust me, it’s not a good idea at all. Soon I realised that it is like nailing jelly to a wall. Requires so much time and patience. I’m glad this understanding came sooner than later and I only watched shows in a limited number last year. And guess what, I learned to drop dramas like a hot potato. But still, if we talk about 2014, I will be watching only those dramas which will interest me for whatever reason or require to keep an eye on them for being a quality product. Motto is definitely “Interest/ Quality over Quantity”.

Marathon > > > Live Watching

Last year, I did lots of live watching of dramas as they aired. It’s fun to be in touch with currently airing shows as everywhere they are the hot topics. Also, we can discuss with other viewers. But it can also turn into an irritating thing when everyone is going at it with hammer and tongs (Most recently I was utterly annoyed by Heirs discussions). Anyway, keeping this trifling factor aside, watching more than one live drama is seriously an arduous task as my thoughts get mixed, I tend to concentrate more on one show than other and by the time a drama is completed, I sometimes forget details about it. I have decided to watch only one live show at a time with marathon of others. As for the good points of marathoning, you may refer this.


I am still deliberating over bringing some changes to my blog: themes, pattern, frequency of posts, etc. But most likely, I’ll keep the current format.


Since I started watching K-dramas, there is a serious negligence to certain other things including reading and watching movies. Now that I’ve completed two years in dramaland, it has become easier for me to come out of the drama-shell and return to other interesting things. Not to mention the additional productive things as well. I want to balance everything and that means I’ll not be involving myself too much with dramas in order to explore more things because life is a lot more than sitting 24×7 in front of laptop and thinking about dramas!!

Old is Gold

In my initial drama days, I used to watch only classic dramas but after becoming a sort of experienced viewer, I started the live watching. As a result, my list of ‘plan-to-watch’ shows kept on increasing day by day. But now I really want to dust off that list of old but highly recommended shows.