Preview for ‘Prime Minister And I’ Episode 14


Prime Minister And I is in its second last week and I’ve started to miss it already. I don’t know how smoothly so many weeks passed and we are already on our way to the finale. Now the cat is out of the bag regarding so many things. Yul knows Da Jung’s heart, she knows his love for her and the biggest secret we now know is that his first wife is alive and that raises further questions for us: the reason for her disappearance and hiding, I can understand if she was separated from Yul but how can a mother live without her children when they kept on missing her for so long? To be frank, I’m least interested in Na Young’s story as I want the remaining limited time to be spent on the OTP and their romantic shenanigans. The drama has beautifully captured the essence of two people falling naturally in love and having a perfect understanding with light bantering relationship. I’m so excited for the upcoming scenes between Yul and Da Jung that I want the whole Na Young business to take as little time and importance as possible. Alas, there is no show without a proper finale and that requires some negative hijinks. My guess is that Episode 15 will end at some cliffhanger when Yul will find out about Na Young and then the whole scenario will be solved in the last week. But I want the finale week to be filled with heartwarming moments. I hope the show will not disappoint us and if we get some skinship, I’ll be on cloud nine. Side note: Lee Bum Soo looked really handsome and hot in last two episodes!

Preview for Episode 14:

Dialogues as played in the video:

It seems like someone was following.

Who was it?

Just my hunch.

It doesn’t feel right. I’ll be out and bring Man Se in.

Ahjumma, you came again.

Do you know me?

But why are you crying?

I definitely saw her.

She was his dead wife.

What on earth are you talking about? Tell me!

Na Young is alive.

accident happened because of me.

What are you talking about?

You came.

(Credit to the uploader)

5 thoughts on “Preview for ‘Prime Minister And I’ Episode 14

  1. Asian Drama Girl

    I was so upset about Na Young storyline, maybe not so much if I was 20 ep or more. This will cause that jumbled through it all together ending. One of my fears is Yul will walk away quietly, her dad will pass away alone. Like you I am not interested in Na Young’s story either.

    1. snow_white Post author

      Na Young’s plot surely looks like an obstruction in the smooth sailing of the plot….I really hope she doesn’t take much time and space in the drama and we’ll get a happily ever after for Yul, Da Jung and everyone including her dad 🙂

  2. saranghewho

    Nayoung bothers me in all honesty. I have a feeling she’s just come back to leech off of Yul and hurt their relationship. I realize she might just want to see her kids, but if she gets mad at Yul, or Dajung, I won’t be able to agree.
    Great post!

    1. snow_white Post author

      Aw…thanks 🙂
      I know right! Why is she back only when In Ho went to see her…what was she doing all this while…I hope she behaves decently and doesn’t cause any problems between our couple….


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