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2014: Year In Review


I’m equally bewildered and equally feel great that I’m writing my third year-end review. From those who know me from the starting of my WordPress journey must be knowing that The Drama Corner is not my first blog. I tried so many times to finally stick with this one when I finally realised how and what I wanted to do, most importantly, I grew fond of writing. Hence, I’m so happy that blogging and this blog has become so special and a constant motivator for me. Continue reading

REVIEW: Prime Minister And I (2014)

pmai (2)

Prime Minister And I is a charming, little drama that perfectly shows how simplicity can be so beautiful. There are no twists and turns in the show that has an easy and simple tale where it starts out as a light-hearted and energetic comedy that moulds itself into a delightful love story as well as a heartwarming tale of family. Continue reading

Preview for episode 16 of ‘Prime Minister And I’


I went with dichotomy for penultimate week’s episodes of Prime Minister And I. On one hand, I was excited and giddy as our couple finally confessed their love whereas on the other hand, I was not at all interested in Na Young’ s story. Alas, we need a final obstacle and hence, all of us have to face that. I’m glad that the Continue reading