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I’m a K-drama addict since 2011 and it is a surprise that there are still SO MANY actors I’ve yet to watch in dramas or movies, well, let’s be honest here, in dramas of course because I’m an A to Z drama lover who hardly watches K-movies or should I say, haven’t seen any since the discovery of dramaland! Anyway, Joo Sang Wook is one of those hot looking stars that I really want to see on my screen but haven’t gotten the chance to do so. Well, the upcoming romantic comedy Cunning Single Lady (also being called Sly And Single Again) looks perfect to fulfill my wish that stars Lee Min Jung as his lady-love. The story is about a cunning woman who seduces her ex-husband when he becomes a rich man and he schemes against her to seek revenge for leaving him before. Looks quite interesting and has shades of an older drama Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung that came in 2007 and had Oh Ji Ho and Uhm Jung Hwa as leads. Anyway, the supporting cast for our new MBC show to follow Miss Korea includes Kim Gyu Ri (Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident) as the hero’s business partner and obviously in love with him to get our dear love triangle, Seo Kang Joon (Suspicious Housekeeper) as her brother, Hwang Bora as our heroine’s best friend (she is really cute!) and L (who played So Ji Sub‘s younger counterpart in Master’s Sun) as our hero’s secretary as well as friend. I like this whole set-up and the stills are out that show our couple’s initial days where Joo Sang Wook is sporting a geek look as he is playing a genius IT engineer while Lee Min Jung is having bangs. The show is taking a funny and cute route and I’m all eager to watch it. I love my conventional rom-coms as much as I love something new and refreshing. Also check out the script reading pictures.

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