REVIEW: Prime Minister And I (2014)

pmai (2)

Prime Minister And I is a charming, little drama that perfectly shows how simplicity can be so beautiful. There are no twists and turns in the show that has an easy and simple tale where it starts out as a light-hearted and energetic comedy that moulds itself into a delightful love story as well as a heartwarming tale of family.

The basic premise is that of a contract marriage between a prime minister (Yul) and a reporter (Da Jung) when they are caught under unfavorable circumstances. What ensues is the blossoming of love between them and the growth of attachment of our heroine with her new family that includes kids. Also how she changes their lives and helps in the bonding of our hero with his children.


PMAI breathes life into the overly used genre of contract marriages. What I really liked about it was that it explores what it truly means to fall in love naturally. It never takes the over-bickering path nor it takes the sugary sweet path to show the process. Instead it lets its lead to bicker casually like any husband and wife out there but at the same time, giving them thoughtful and understanding conversations without any misunderstandings to play the part in taking forward the narrative. The two leads interact with each other in a very compassionate way. It also helps that Lee Bum Soo and Yoona have an adorable chemistry. The drama is full of romantic accidents that elevate the giddiness I get watching these two.

I loved the characterisations. Yul is one of the best drama heroes we have seen. He is a principled man who always takes this approach in everything in his life: professional or personal. He is very considerate and thoughtful and never takes hasty decisions. He is also fun with all the cute little fights he has with Da Jung. Next comes our heroine who is cheerful and bubbly with a joie de vivre. She knows how to be honest in her actions and understanding too. She did annoy me for her noble idiocy in last episodes but that was kind of understandable in this case at least.


Another great thing about PMAI is the dearth of negative second leads. In Ho loves Da Jung but never takes the clinging trope and in fact helps our OTP to come together. Hye Joo is another great character and come off as that rare good-hearted female second lead. She is a strong, confident woman and another one to think positively for our hero, helping him selflessly in all his endeavours. Even the antagonist Joon-ki never takes the route of total villainy and remains decent enough, motivated by his love for his sister for his undesirable actions. His wife provides funny moments of the drama. Our heroine Da Jung’s father tugs at your heartstrings with his warmth. Last but not least, the three kids who are cute, funny and adorable. I loved the heartwarming moments we got with each one of them together and individually.

Then the other small but interesting characters like Yul’s driver, the reporters and the staff of our prime minister perform a great supporting act with their funny and sometimes endearing manners.


Actually PMAI is a show where it is the little moments that stand out. It has the quality of a spiderweb, incredible strength rising out of tiny strands. The drama ensures there is never a dull moment and the brisk pace keeps the momentum. It comes invested with love and the feel-good factor remains throughout the series.

PMAI suffered from a weak third act where unnecessary extension of the arc of Yul’s first wife kills the joy that prevailed during the preceding episodes. Also I am a bit disappointed by the ending which is perfect narrative wise as the leads are starting their new beginning but was unsatisfactory from a viewer’s point who came to love the couple and wanted them to have more romance in the last episode.


PMAI is decorated with amazing acting on all fronts. Lee Bum Soo is beyond reproach as the righteous and lovable prime minister. The character is well written but he adds his own gravitas and nuanced expressions. Yoona is a revelation with her vivacious appeal and guileless charm. Yoon Shi Yoon gets a second lead role here but he is great as always while Chae Jung Ahn gives an impressive performance. The supporting cast is outstanding as well.

All in all, Prime Minister And I is a delightful and cute drama with humour and heart.

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

pmai (2)

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