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YAYYYYY!! Finally!!

The news regarding Cha Seung Won and Lee Seung Gi teaming up for upcoming cop drama You’re All Surrounded was seesawing between confirmations and only-considerations from many weeks but I’m so glad that we have arrived at the confirmations at last. I’m walking on air as I simply love the idea of these two starring in a drama together. Best Love and their CF have already given us a glimpse of the potential awesome bromance between the two and the story of the drama also sounds great. I was waiting for the final decision on the project before writing about it and now as the news is like music to my ears, I’m finally posting it here. The female lead will be Go Ara who has increased her fandom by leaps and bounds since her amazing acting performance in Answer Me 1994.

You’re All Surrounded is kind of coming-of-age story about four rookie cops in their 20s who don’t have much interest in their job and how they transform into true cops. Lee Seung Gi and Go Ara will be two of them whereas the other two roles have yet to find their actors. Lee Seung Gi plays a man who is blunt and bright with an IQ of 150 (dramaland and its fixation for IQs!) and has a painful family history. Cha Seung Won will be playing the tough team leader and Go Ara stars as the only female officer in the new class of cops who is bold and persistent and has passed the police officer exam in her fifth try. I have a huge liking for this kind of dynamics of tough leader-careless protégé.

The drama will be aired on SBS following the long line of shows that have kept me glued on my screen for past months. That’s right, the Wednesday-Thursday slot where I Hear Your Voice, Master’s Sun, Heirs, You From Another Star and the newest Three Days have continuously clocked in good ratings as well as received love from the viewers. Hopefully You’re All Surrounded will maintain this tradition. It is written by the writer of  Ojakkyo Brothers and Be Strong Geum Soon while the PD helmed shows like GiantHistory of the Salaryman and Incarnation Of Money. All in all, a solid team behind the camera and one more reason to look forward to this drama. The tentative premiere date will be at the end of April.