25 thoughts on “Picture Perfect # 62

      1. Drama Fan

        Not yet! but I plan to watch more of her dramas. I’ve only watched Thank You and Master’s Sun and loved her in both. I will watch Pasta next (because Miss Korea is ending and I loved that drama, same writers, same male lead) and then Best Love šŸ˜Š

          1. Drama Fan

            I want to watch it soon because I know I’m going to miss the writer’s style now that Miss Korea is ending. Do you have many dramas to watch? Maybe we could watch it at the same time

  1. evez

    YAY!…i LOVE this drama so much!…DokKo Jin is jjang!,,and i am happy that CSW will have a comeback drama again…TGL is in my re-watch list definitely!!

  2. missienelly

    I think I might be in the minority. I didn’t like this drama at all. Sure I finished it but tbh I wasn’t happy with the OTP. I’m not a fan of CSW but love GHJ. But at least, I find it better than his drama City Hall with KSA. Oh well…

  3. evez

    ..but CSW’s City Hall is good to me?…you might want to give it a try?…KSA’s performance here is exemplary as usual..


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