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Dramaland never rests and keeps on producing more and more and more dramas! As always, I’m looking forward to most of them with great enthusiasm, all due to several different reasons. It is pretty late to post the script reading pics of cop drama You’re All Surrounded as it is premiering soon (April 30) and currently busy filming but better late than never. The show is about policemen but not a thriller or an investigation based procedural drama. It is about four newly recruited cops: played by Lee Seung Gi, Go Ara, Ahn Jae Hyun and Park Jung Min (Adolescence Medley) as the final fourth newbie in the precinct. Cha Seung Won stars as their team leader, a tough and short-tempered detective. I can’t wait to see all the camaraderie between these people: right from their initial clashes and bickering to the time when they’ll start caring for each other (yay for the bromance). The drama also includes Oh Yoon Ah as a female cop and Cha Seung Won’s ex-wife. It starts airing after Three Days on SBS. I’m sure the show will be a delightful motley of comedy, emotions, romance and of course, action—how can you make a police drama without it?

Next we have the script reading pictures from A New Leaf which is about an ace lawyer who loses his memory in an accident and then he remembers his past with an added reformation of his personality, thus turning a new leaf. It boasts a solid cast of Kim Myung Min, Kim Sang Joong and Park Min Young. We have some new additions: Kpop group After School‘s Jooyeon as our heroine’s bubbly and outspoken friend. I remember her as Song Jong Ho‘s love interest in the last few episodes of Answer Me 1997 and she was ebullient there. Another idol has also joined, BTOB‘s Minhyuk who will play Park Min Young’s younger brother. He has already acted in cable dramas like Monstar and I Live in Cheongdam-dong but this will be his first role in a drama belonging to the three big networks (SBS, KBS, MBC). A New Leaf will hit the airwaves from April as the next Wednesday-Thursday drama on MBC.


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