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I have always loved Park Shin Hye ever since I first watched her in You’re Beautiful. She is as cute as a cup cake and as sweet as lilies. She has a very fresh look as well. But I have to say that she needs to try roles that have more range than her previous works. Her best performance was in Flower Boy Next Door and that role was also quite challenging and well written. As for her last show Heirs, my line between real and reel blurs when it comes to that drama. I liked her in parts where she showed some spunk but then she was required to cry for most of the part, not to mention quiver in many scenes. I blame the writer for the inconsistency in characterization. Also, it’s one of those unique cases where my liking for the drama and actors have dialled down a lot since my craziness washed away after it ended. Anyway, Heirs went on to be very popular and successful and she has every reason to rejoice its success. She completed a movie after that called The Royal Tailors and now after considering for some time, she has confirmed to headline upcoming SBS drama PinocchioMy anticipation is high for this one because it comes from the team behind the awesomeness called I Hear Your Voice which deftly blended heart and thrills with moral values. Pinocchio will tell the story of TV news reporters in their 20s who work day and night in search of truth. Lee Jong Suk has been offered the lead role (which was previously offered to Kim Woo Bin) which will reunite him with the PD-writer and I like the idea of these two together. Well, Park Shin Hye is one lucky lady, starring with one hot man after another. Her character is described as of a social affairs reporter who starts having hiccups whenever she lies. The other actors courted for supporting roles are Kim Young Kwang (currently seen in Plus Nine Boys) and Lee Yoo Bi (Gu Family Book). I love Lee Jong Suk but couldn’t watch his last show Doctor Stranger after first two episodes as it went downhill towards craziness in direct proportion to its run. So now I’m hoping that this show will give me a chance to watch him again on my screen. Pinocchio will follow She’s So Lovable and will start airing in November.