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I really like Lee Dong Wook even if the only drama I’ve seem him in is My Girl. Close on the heels of his last weekend drama Hotel King, he is back with another show, this time a weekday one, titled Iron Man. Shin Se Kyung joins him in a story where he plays a man who has this supernatural ability, which is super strange and laughable, where his anger and pain is demonstrated by knives sprouting from his body and leaves him covered in scars. So not really a useful superpower. She stars as a warm-hearted girl who helps him deal with his power as well as heals his wounds as they fall in love. What had me in stitches are the promotional teasers and posters that literally show knives coming out of Lee Dong Wook’s hands and for now everything looks of poor quality. And Shin Se Kyung is an actor who always gives this cold vibe and I can’t imagine how she is going to play a bubbly, cheerful girl here. Anyway, Iron Man can turn out to be something which is too bad that it’s good and can be fun while chuckling over the absurdity of everything. Or it might turn the tables and come out as a winner, totally opposite to everyone’s speculations that it’s going to be a hot mess. Either way, I’m skipping it as it’s not piquing my interest in any shape or form. The show is being directed by the PD behind dramas like Sword And Flower, Equator Man and White Christmas while the script is penned by writer of Cinderella’s Sister and Robber. The show is slated to follow Joseon Gunman which is continuously achieving top ratings even when the difference between it and other Wednesday-Thursday dramas (Fated To Love You and It’s Okay It’s Love) is as small as dust before the wind. That puts 10 September as the premiere date for Iron Man.



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