‘Pinocchio’ galore!


I have to warn you guys about this post containing massive picture dump! The most awaited drama for this season, Pinocchio is finally here to grace our screens as it arrives on Wednesday on SBS. It has small shoes to fill as its preceding drama, the drama version of a sleeping pill aka My Lovely Girl, was low rated almost throughout its run. I liked it in the beginning but even Rain couldn’t force me to watch one of the dullest shows ever. The promotion for Pinocchio is going on for past few weeks but I was waiting for the final moments to write about it as there can be only a limited amount of things I can write about a show before it airs.

For me, the crème de la crème of this show is the team behind it that made one of the best shows of 2013 — I Hear Your Voice which had a great combination of romance, comedy, thrills and life lessons. Pinocchio is about young reporters. Lee Jong Suk plays a man who is adopted by Park Shin Hye‘s father and due to this, he is raised as her uncle. His hair cut surely makes a name in the record of worst hairstyles of dramaland. I’m just glad that later, we’ll be seeing the normal look for him. There are some cute high school scenes and they do look good together. He plays a reporter who has an appearance of a nerd and has excellent memory and brain. She is a girl suffering from a syndrome where she starts having hiccups when she lies. Does that mean we’ll be free from any kind of noble idiocy as she can’t lie? Lee Yubi stars as a reporter who was once a die-hard, crazy fan of boy bands, the ones who are popularly known as sasaeng. Kim Young Kwang is a handsome guy who is also rich but joins this team as a journalist. Lee Pil Mo plays their head. It sounds like You’re All Surrounded, doesn’t it. Only the cops are replaced by reporters.

Talking about the posters, I like the fluffy, cloudy one where both the leads are lying, wearing formal clothes. It looks beautiful and upbeat. I’m liking Park Shin Hye’s mature persona after seeing her in school uniform for most of the time in her last drama. Crossing my fingers that this show will be a great ride!

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9 thoughts on “‘Pinocchio’ galore!

  1. Blue

    I love the cloudy poster too, it’s truly beautiful. I’m mad Kim Young Kwang is not the lead! He’s the main reason I decided to watch the show. LOL @ “His hair cut surely makes a name in the record of worst hairstyles of dramaland” that is so true. And yes, Park Hye Shin looks amazing dressed like this, I like her mature image as well.

    1. snow Post author

      Aww…I haven’t seen KYK in anything but he did look cute in Plus Nine Boys stills and screencaps 😉

      PSH has usually played light and cute characters…so it is refreshing to see her in a mature role this time…

  2. Caitlyn

    You still make me laugh with how much you didn’t like My Lovely Girl. So many people agreed with you, and then there was me and Cassie, enjoying it thoroughly, ha ha.

    I just watched the second episode of Pinocchio and I’m very much in. I hope it stays decent too, because the last show Lee Jong Suk did still pains me to remember.

    And oh my god, you’re comment about being free from noble idiocy because she can’t lie? Brilliant, I hope that’s true!

    1. snow Post author

      Haha….I didn’t like it but I can understand if some people did 🙂 Even I found it fine in the beginning…
      I’m glad my busy life saved me from the disaster called Doctor Stranger 😛
      I’ve seen only ep 1 and I like it! Especially PSH’s character…and the kids were really cute. It also hit the right emotional spots for me…


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