Daily drama ‘Love & Secret’ starts this week


New daily drama alert! Love & Secret is the name of newest daily soap that starts its run coming Monday on KBS. I hardly watch any dailies because they are very long, can do whatever they like with the narratives and have lots and lots of plot lines which contain more of those which I simply want to fast forward. But they can be addicting sometimes and one cannot stop watching to know what’s gonna happen next. I have seen my fair share of daily soaps, though not of the Korean language but that did teach me a strong lesson to conclude in staying away! But that’s not to say that there can’t be any diamonds in the rough and once in a while there are some daily shows that can be really good.

Anyhow, Love & Secret also piques an interest as it stars Shin So Yool (loved her in Answer Me 1997) in her first leading lady role with Kim Heung Soo (The Night Watchman) taking up the main lead opposite her. The show is also going as Sweet Secrets at some places. It is about a single mother and a cold, playing by the rules rich man (do we have any other variety?) who fall in love. We also have a cute little daughter who brings warmth to this story. Then there is the biological father of the child who shows up and stirs up their lives.

I think Shin So Yool is looking great in the stills and posters and for now, the show looks pleasant enough. And I spot my favourite child actor Yang Han Yeol, who stole the show for me as CUTE ding dong in Best Love. Love & Secret plans to have around 100 episodes with direction by PD of Please Marry Me and Strongest Chil Woo and the writing is by writer of 18 vs 29 and Finding Love.

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4 thoughts on “Daily drama ‘Love & Secret’ starts this week

  1. missienelly

    I’m a big fan of daily drama. I’m sure I’ll be watching this and the story seems nice but God knows what twist they’ll bring in to the plate. But girl, I don’t care lol

    1. snow Post author

      Ha…I actually thought about you while writing this post…that one person will surely give this a try among my blogosphere friends 😛

      I’ll wait for your thoughts on it!


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