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JTBC is coming up with a new romance melodrama called Falling For Innocence (also Fall in Love with Soon Jung) and has confirmed Jung Kyung Ho and Kim So Yeon as main leads with reunion of Jung Kyung Ho with Yoon Hyun Min as they acted together in 2013’s acclaimed crime drama Heartless City. I haven’t seen any of Jung Kyung Ho’s dramas but I have to say, he is seriously super hot and Sooyoung is one lucky girl (well, he’s lucky as well!). And looks like he is so much in love to sign on a role which looks like a facsimile of her role in My Spring Days. He plays a cold-hearted man who falls in love after getting his heart transplant. My main gripe with My Spring Days was the fact that she felt so many things for kids because she had heart of their mother on their very first meeting. And I want things to work organically. Hence, I dropped that one. But I think it’s safe to say that I won’t be having such problems with this show as there is no connection between his new heart and heroine. There is still that part of having cellular memory syndrome where a person behaves in similar nature as his or her donor. Anyway, Kim So Yeon will be playing his secretary. Yoon Hyun Min will be our hero’s rival in love. Jung Kyung Ho really got an image makeover with action-thriller Heartless City as he mostly played cute, romantic, soft leads before.

JTBC is known for different type of quality dramas and I think Falling For Innocence so far falls under pedestrian category as far as basic plot is concerned. But I’m hoping that there will be more layers to the story and the show. I’m totally giving it a try as I like both the leads (who can be a sizzling couple) and as much cliché as it is, there is something about the boss-secretary romance that always makes me excited.

Falling For Innocence will be helmed by PD of My Fair Lady and Big Man. It is set to start sometime in early next year.