Lee Sung Min headlines ‘Memory’ for tvN


I have inordinate amount of admiration for Lee Sung Min. He is a fantastic actor and The King 2 Hearts was where I saw him first but it was Misaeng that turned me into a HUGE fan. Now he is heading back to tvN for his next small screen role as he has confirmed to star in upcoming human drama titled Memory. The actor was last seen in period mystery film The Guest. On a surface level, the plot of Memory sounds a lot like another forthcoming show Remember starring Yoo Seung Ho but it looks like the latter is more on the thriller side whereas we are going for more drama and emotions with Memory.

Lee Sung Min will play a lawyer who suffers from Alzheimer’s and puts his all to fight his final case before losing all of his memories. In the process, he will learn the value of family and life. The show comes from the acclaimed team behind shows like Resurrection, Devil, and Shark and although I haven’t seen either of three, the first two have been lauded a lot while Shark was a major disappointment.

Memory will take a long time to finally air as it will take over the slot vacated by Lee Je Hoon thriller Signal and that puts the premiere date sometime in March.

7 thoughts on “Lee Sung Min headlines ‘Memory’ for tvN

  1. Kay

    I’m really interested to see a bit more about this drama. I’m glad it seems like it will be a bit different from Remember and that they will air at different times. Maybe I’ll have time to watch Misaeng before this comes out 🙂

    1. snow Post author

      Yes…I’m excited to see who all will costar in Memory.
      Do watch Misaeng before this…then you’ll anticipate it a lot more 😉

  2. Timescout

    Loved both Resurrection and Mawang/Devil but Shark was such a disappointment. I hope the team will redeem themselves with Memory. Yay! for Lee Sung Min, he’s great in these types of roles, a lot better choice for a lead than watsitsname in Shark.

  3. Mitta

    Woo hoo! My fav Ajusshi! Hope it’s a good role for him…very hard to beat Chief Oh.
    And..you’ve got your old theme back…terrific!

    1. snow Post author

      Hahaha…yes, the old theme finally won! 😀

      I totally agree…it’s so hard to beat Chief Oh…I’m sure he’ll again make us love him even more with this role…

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