‘Oh My Venus’ premieres today with So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah


Yay. Finally the day is here when So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah‘s dream pair arrives to grace our screens with romantic comedy Oh My Venus on KBS. I’m so thrilled to watch these two of my favorite stars together that I’m totally ignoring the not-so-interesting-plot and looks-like-Birth-Of-A-Beauty sirens ringing in my head. Anyway, let’s hope for the best!

Oh My Venus stars Shin Min Ah (My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho) as a lawyer who is overweight and once had a gorgeous figure. She meets and falls in love with So Ji Sub (Master’s Sun) who plays her trainer, who also happens to be a mysterious heir (Dramaland rule: whatever the hero does, he will be a chaebol). Costars include Jung Kyeo Woon (Romance Town) as Shin Min Ah’s ex boyfriend who leaves her to date Yoo In Young (Mask), who plays our heroine’s rival from high school who is now a lawyer as well. Sung Hoon (Noble My Love) stars as former UFC champion fighter who works with So Ji Sub and pop group Super Junior M‘s Henry (Persevere, Gu Hae-ra) plays So Ji Sub’s best friend (well, I like the cute bromance possibility but don’t they look like an odd pair for buddies!).

I love how cute and chubby Shin Min Ah is looking in the stills that show her in the overweight persona. I like that the drama is not going for the over-the-top manner to make her look overly fat, I just hope it won’t go for fat shaming route and instead be a nice and decent ride. There is a fair warning here that the post is chock full of stills and posters. I’m not liking the posters which look very artificially made but as I said, I’m way too excited to look into these mini-complaints.

As the new Monday-Tuesday drama, Oh My Venus has relatively small shoes to fill as its predecessor drama Sassy Go, Go had miserable ratings. I just hope it will garner good ratings. It’s not like rom-coms can’t do that — She Was Pretty‘s successful run has proved that.

omv1 omv2 omv omv3 omv4 omv omv5 omv1 omv2

13 thoughts on “‘Oh My Venus’ premieres today with So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah

  1. Kay

    Shin Min Ah is just too cute no matter how she looks. I really liked what I saw in the long preview. I’m hoping for a fair amount of comedy like She Was Pretty, but I think this will be more toned down. Still excited though.

      1. Kay

        Not yet. I watched the long preview and have read the ep 1 recap. Looks good to me. I will definitely let a few more episodes air before I start it though 🙂

  2. brightfotini

    Well to tell you the teuth I am not sold on that ahow yet. I like Ao Ji Sub aa an actor, haven’t watch Si Mi Na in anything yet and the story just doesn’t grab my attention. I might check the first two episodea or so and see how I like it.. 🙂

      1. brightfotini

        I think I had watched part of the first episode some years ago but I wasn’t in the mood so I’ve put it aside. I should try something with her in it though, I’ve been thinking about it for a long time but never got serious in choosing something she wa in it. I’ll put it on my list! 🙂
        Btw you’re watching The Village:Achiara’s secret? Didn’t know it! I do too! how do you like it so far?

          1. brightfotini

            I’m really liking too so far! I’ve watched all the episodes that are out so far and can’t wait for the next ones. So many people could be guilty and so many connections between all these people. I’m really interested in seeing where the writers gonna take the story.. 🙂
            (Btw I’ve watched the first episodes of Oh my Venus… I’m taking back everyhting I said! I really liked them and can’t can’t for the next ones! Hahahaha)

          2. snow Post author

            Hahaha…I also watched Oh My Venus…the drama has yet to impress me but I liked the characters and it was an easy watch.

          3. brightfotini

            For me I feel like the only think I’m gonna care about is our main couple. They were so cute and natural with each other. Also about Joo Eun’s journey. The other story lines didn’t grab me as much! 🙂

      2. brightfotini

        I think I’m loosing my mind.. I totally forgot that I had seen her in Arang and the Magistrate!! But I need to watch more from her.. I’ve decided to check out the first episodes and see how it goes!


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