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‘Money Game’ premieres today on tvN with Go Soo, Shim Eun Kyung and Lee Sung Min

IMF crisis happened in the year 1997, a financial crisis that gripped East and South East Asia. The new tvN drama Money Game is about a group of people at the Financial Services Commission who try to prevent similar situation occurring in 2020. This is because the bank where the government owns large share is about to go bankrupt. The drama boasts amazing Continue reading

Lee Sung Min headlines new thriller movie The Witness

Thriller is one of my favorite genres and I’m always ready for a new movie or show or novel from the category, even if sometimes they end being a disappointment. New movie The Witness released yesterday on the 15th of August and stars Lee Sung Min in the lead role. He is a fantastic actor — I loved his Continue reading

New thriller film ‘The Spy Gone North’ with Hwang Jung Min, Joo Ji Hoon, Jo Jin Woong and Lee Sung Min

Well, after blockbuster Along With the Gods: The Last 49 Days, another star-studded film has just released on August 8 — The Spy Gone North. As the name suggests, the movie is a spy thriller set in the 90s starring Hwang Jung Min (Ode To My Father) as a South Korean spy who is sent to the Continue reading

Two cable premieres today in the form of ‘Memory’ and ‘Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi’


I have been a bit busy from past few weeks and so I couldn’t write about two dramas that I’m really interested in watching and nearly forgot about them till I realised they are both premiering today. Memory on tvN and Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi on JTBC. Let’s start with Memory. It stars Lee Sung Min! Need I say more. I love him and this is his reunion with tvN after Misaeng, so expectations are bound to be high to get another Continue reading