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I have lots of fondness for Jung Jun Ho as he was really a treat to watch in The Last Scandal Of My Life. I haven’t really followed his other shows but now I’m happy to see him back in upcoming MBC drama Sweet Savage Family, which is blending two genres of family and comedy. Well, this mix is usually seen in weekend dramas but I guess here we’ll be saved from all makjang-ness of weekenders.

The show is actually a spin-off of hit movie franchise Marrying The Mafia (which itself has 5 instalments) and stars Jung Jun Ho (who was also in the movie) as a gang boss who has no say at home in front of his wife, played by Moon Jung Hee (Mama) who keeps on nagging at him. Another Last Scandal reference — Jung Woong In played Jung Jun Ho’s older brother in that show and here in Sweet Savage Family, he will be reuniting with him as his friend -turned-rival. Yoo Sun (Horse Doctor) plays his ex-wife and first love of both the leads. Pop group Girls Day‘s Minah plays their daughter who falls in love with Jung Jun Ho’s son, played by Lee Min Hyuk (of Kpop group BtoB and he was in A New Leaf as Park Min Young‘s brother).

So basically the story is about star-crossed lovers whose parents are enemies and thus we’ll witness lots of comedy hijinks as the love birds struggle to find their happily ever after. The posters look really over-the-top but in a good, funny way. I like that after a slew of villainous roles, Jung Woong In is doing a comedy now. And don’t you just love it when for a change the main leads are terrific and veteran actors in a comedy.

Sweet Savage Family will be helmed by the PD of Gold Rainbow, I Do I Do and My Princess and one of two writers wrote Cheongdam-dong Scandal. The show will be the newest Wednesday-Thursday drama for MBC and starts airing from today.

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