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Wow. It seems like we will be getting a nice, complex love hexagon in Marriage Not Dating as we saw all six main characters connecting with each other in some way or the other and reminding me of the ‘match the column’ exercise we used to do in school  LOL. I liked episode 2 that cemented the main plot of a deal between our protagonists — Jang Mi and Ki Tae — he needs her to convince his family against his marriage while he suggests her that she can also have advantage by taking revenge from Hoon Dong. I love that we have a hero who is not cold or arrogant or trying hard to avoid/disregard the person he is in a contract relationship with, which is as common in other dramas as the air around us. Jang Mi continues to be this sweet girl who can’t think ill of others. I did miss more interactions between the leads as they were busy dealing with others. But I enjoyed what I got — the classic scene of a guy taking a girl for some makeover (it reminded me of just started Fated To Love You) for her quest to take revenge and also their small conversations here and there, especially the funny restaurant scene.

I initially thought that Ki Tae’s mom is the archetypal drama-mother who will be very sweet and kind and nice. But I found her quite intimidating and the woman who controls the whole household. Even the husband doesn’t say anything infront of her. This is new for kdramas but I’m waiting for her heart to melt by Jang Mi’s innocence and affection — her real self. Can’t wait for her face-to-face talk with her mother.

Coming back to the relationship chart, we already know about Ki Tae and Jang Mi. Se Ah dated Ki Tae some years back, Yeo Reum knows her (how?) and now takes an interest in Jang Mi, Hoon Dong and Hyun Hee have their own encounter and Jang Mi gets emotional whenever she sees Hoon Dong, which is pretty natural as she loved him from the bottom of her heart. I’m glad that this episode provided a kind of closure to their relationship as I wasn’t enjoying it much. It would be better if he improves his ways and then only I can root for him to have romance with some other girl. Yeo Reum has only one single expression and that’s smiling. He seems like the caring second lead we have seen in thousands of shows and I would like to see more layers to his persona. Well, he is surely an eye candy!

Yeon Woo Jin danced! I loved it. To be honest, that party scene was a bit confusing and I wasn’t able to understand it completely but that didn’t matter much.

Lastly, I was a bit down as our couple was parting and going with other people when their respective cellphones rang and they both had similar expressions. I smiled from ear to ear with delight! Marriage Not Dating‘s this episode was as bright, funny and mirthful as it promised and elicited a few laughs from me.