Cute and feel-good ‘One More Happy Ending’ arrives this week on MBC


I’ve been waiting for upcoming new entry for Wednesday-Thursday slot of MBC in the form of One More Happy Ending. Right from its title which makes it as clear as crystal that there is happy ending in sight for the viewers, to the promo material released — the show looks like it will be truly feel good and I’m so ready to be a happy camper for it. The setting takes up a fictional former girl group called Angels and will tell the story of its four members — Jang Na Ra (I Remember You) becomes a remarriage consultant and has gotten a divorce, Yoo In Na (My Secret Hotel) is an elementary school teacher who is single, Yoo Da In (Plus Nine Boys) plays Jang Na Ra’s partner in her work and she married a rich man but is getting a divorce and lastly, Seo In Young (Style) is a representative of an internet shopping mall. The ladies are still friends.

For the male leads, we have Jung Kyung Ho (Falling For Innocence) as a single father and reporter while Kwon Yul (Let’s Eat 2) plays his best friend and a doctor. Kim Tae Hoon (Angry Mom) plays Yoo Da In’s husband.

I like this ensemble cast and also the potential for seeing female friendship. I like the main leads and also, the basic concept of finding love again. I also love how different the character is for Yoo In Na this time, who has usually played glamorous, stylish, bubbly roles before.

One More Happy Ending will begin airing this coming week and it has small shoes to fill as its preceding drama Sweet Savage Family received poor ratings. Here is hoping that this one is full of sunshine and rainbows when it arrives on 20 January.

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1 thought on “Cute and feel-good ‘One More Happy Ending’ arrives this week on MBC

  1. brightfotini

    I’m quite excited for this one! It seems cute and I’m getting some The Woman Who Stills wants to Marry as I’m hoping the friendship between these women is gonna be one of the main parts of the story as it was with that drama! I’m probably not gonna be able to catch up with this one right from the beginning as I have finals and all but I’m definitely checking it out when I’ll have more time on my hands.. 🙂


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