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I’m so happy to see that female characters are forming the fulcrum of upcoming JTBC drama. It’s quite interesting that Man To Man is passing the baton to Woman Of Dignity in the Friday-Saturday slot for the cable network. The show stars Kim Hee Sun and Kim Sun Ah in the lead roles.

Although Kim Sun Ah is making a comeback only after 2 years, her last small screen venture being Masked Prosecutor, it feels like it has been a really long time since we have seen her in anything. It maybe because her last drama received negative reviews, critically as well as rating wise. It came and went without any buzz. It’s great to see her back in a different kind of show, which again has a dichotomy about it as far as promo material is concerned — it looks like a hard-core makjang but then the show is being touted to be a comedy, so it might also be the case of purposefully mocking the genre stereotypes and then being something else altogether. Kim Hee Sun did an amazing job and show before this one, Angry Mom (she also appeared in Chinese drama Ice Fantasy after that). All in all, two powerful actresses acting together is a great event in itself.

Woman Of Dignity, a fully pre-produced drama, stars Kim Hee Sun as a rich woman who is married into an uber rich family. But her luxurious life is reversed when her father-in-law faces setback in business and her husband also betrays her. Kim Sun Ah plays a country woman who wants to become like Kim Hee Sun and she enters her life as a house maid and then changes it drastically. I’m intrigued by the premise and shifting tone. The two ladies are looking great in their diametrically opposite manner and style. (On a shallow note, I love the purple sandals in one of the posters)

What makes me more positive about Woman Of Dignity is the director who helmed dramas like My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, Que Sera Sera and Can We Get Married — all being more deep, thoughtful and weighty than normal romcoms. The writing is by the scriptwriter of melodrama My Love Eun Dong and fantasy romcom Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. The other cast members are Lee Ki Woo (I have only seen him in movie Classic and his guest appearance in last year’s Doctors but he has done shows like Miss Korea and Flower Boy Ramyun Shop) and Jung Sang Hoon (Jealousy Incarnate). It starts on June 16.