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I’m not particularly a huge fan of any of the cast members of upcoming tvN drama Bride of the Water God 2017 but there are multifarious factors to make me interested. Starting with the plot, a fantasy romantic comedy, which is based on a webcomic published from 2006 to 2014. The comic had a historical fantasy world setting but the adapted version will be set in modern Seoul. It is a story about a water god who had a deal with a village according to which he demands one female sacrifice each year. But it so happens that one day, there is a wrong girl who gets sacrificed and thus this messing up results in both falling in love with each other. The drama will keep the water god character as it is, named Ha Baek, but the female lead will be a psychiatrist. Instead of the village, there will be a human family who has served him for generations, which kind of sounds like Goblin setup.

Nam Joo Hyuk, who got a huge boost in popularity after low rated but universally adored Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, is taking up the titular role of water god Ha Baek, a narcissist and serious person. Shin Se Kyung is titular bride, a psychiatrist who is clueless about his connection with her family. I’m sure we’ll be getting many funny hijinks when he’ll act all god-like and she would have no idea what he is talking about. Im Joo Hwan (when will he get main lead roles again! He was last seen in melodrama Uncontrollably Fond) plays a resort CEO and possibly the main villain, Krystal (She’s So Lovable) plays a deity from the water department (Ha Baek’s kingdom basically) and Gong Myung (Drinking Solo) plays another god, an official from Sky department. These two live in the human world disguised as idols. Lol.

I have seen Nam Joo Hyuk’s acting in bits and pieces as a supporting actor in few episodes of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo and Cheese In The Trap. But I admit at being pleasantly surprised by Shin Se Kyung in her drama outing that I saw, Girl Who Sees Smells, where she was so cute and vivacious.

The characters look pretty fascinating and there is a romantic musical chair for them as well — Ha Baek loves the heroine, Krystal’s character will like him, Gong Myung likes the latter. And I’m assuming Im Jo Hwan’s character will like the heroine as well. I guess by now it’s no more an exercise for us drama addicts to remember these love triangles, squares or pentagons.

Bride of the Water God 2017 boats a strong team behind the camera. The writer has penned/ adapted Misaeng, Arang And The Magistrate and Monstar. The PD directed Queen In Hyun’s Man, Nine, Three Musketeers, Vampire Prosecutor and Bubblegum. This is my biggest reason for having positive expectations. The show will premiere on July 3 and follows currently airing sci-fi Circle as a Monday-Tuesday drama.