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There is a polarity between the teasers and stills in relation to newest tvN drama Bride Of The Water God 2017, and the posters. On one hand, the former gives off a funny, romantic comedy vibe. Whereas, the posters featuring the cast look gothic, moody, dark and stylishly sophisticated. The posters look more like they are made to grace the pages of a magazine, than for a TV drama. All in all, I like them!

Bride Of The Water God 2017 is a fantasy drama based on a manhwa which tells a love story between a water god and a human. Nam Joo Hyuk is the water god, Shin Se Kyung is a psychiatrist, Im Joo Hwan is another human and main antagonist, Krystal is a water goddess and Gong Myung is a sky god. These characters will be involved in each others’ lives, in love as well as higher stakes. I’m actually quite excited for this drama as I’m looking forward to its mythical world, which has been shifted from original historical setting to a modern Seoul. The basic plot is how the water god demands human sacrifice from a village periodically but falls for one of the girls sent for this task. I wonder how the show will incorporate this major detail as it is set in contemporary world.

Bride Of The Water God 2017 is starting this Monday on 3 July. It feels so peaceful and calm to have only one premiere this week!