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I’m currently watching While You Were Sleeping (but I’m so far behind) which has already wrapped up its run and now it has passed on the baton to another legal drama called Nothing To Lose. I hope dramaverse is not overdosed with the genre as another one is airing on the Monday-Tuesday slot, Witch’s Court. Nothing To Lose does have a new set of characters as judges form the focal point here instead of lawyers and prosecutors. But honestly I’m excited about nothing but the leads — Yeon Woo Jin (Seven Day Queen) and Park Eun Bin (Age Of Youth).

Park Eun Bin plays a hot tempered judge who wants to fight against the people who framed her brother for a murder he didn’t commit and then murdered him. Looks pretty serious plot for a show that looks more rom-comy from the promos. Yeon Woo Jin plays a righteous, cool-headed judge. Basically an opposites attract romance. I like the two leads a lot but the drama might have that boring episodic touch. But I’m trusting the two to have an amazing chemistry and characters to balance that dullness. This is Yeon Woo Jin’s third drama this year (!) after Introverted Boss and Seven Day Queen. Plus, this is Park Eun Bin’s first proper leading role. Yay!

Nothing To Lose premieres today and is directed by the PD of Entertainer and drama special Puck!, and it’s written by a new writer.