Movie ‘Sunset In My Hometown’ releases this week with Park Jung Min and Kim Go Eun

Kim Go Eun was always recognised as a talented actor, working in films like Eungyo and Coin Locker Girl but her popularity reached new heights with superhit drama Goblin in 2016. She has not done any TV drama since but now she has a movie coming out this week. Actually the new film Sunset In My Hometown has already released this Thursday on 4th of July with Park Jung Min in the lead role with her. Mostly a movie actor, Park Jung Min has appeared in dramas like You’re All Surroundedand EntourageSunset In My Hometown stars him as a man who left his hometown of Byeonsan with an aspiration to become a rapper. But he remains unsuccessful and unpopular. One day, when he fails his 7th audition, he receives a phone call from his hometown that his father is in a hospital and thus he returns to the place of his childhood and early days. Kim Go Eun plays his classmate from elementary school.

Judging from the posters and stills, the film looks like a light-hearted coming of age saga with emphasis on friendship, camaraderie, simplicity and going back to your roots. The movie is directed by renowned director Lee Jun Ik of The King And The Clown, Sunny, The Throne, Anarchist From Colony fame.


(Credit To The Uploader)

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