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I loved Kang Ji Hwan in Coffee House and Incarnation Of Money but his last few projects have flown under my radar, like Big Man and Monster, but I’m interested in checking out Children Of A Lesser God. That said, I’m pretty excited to start his newest drama titled Feel Good To Die (Also, Happy If You Died and Happy To Die). The plot sounds totally funny and wacky with a time loop theme.

Kang Ji Hwan plays an arrogant, disrespectful and cold, strict boss and Baek Jin Hee plays his assistant. The whole office is utterly annoyed by him. One day he gets killed and then Baek Jin Hee’s character realises that same day has started again and she is basically in a time loop. The only way to move on to next day is if she saves her boss from dying. But if he dies, through a variety of comical ways, the day repeats itself. The premise sounds like the movie Happy Death Day with a comical, workplace flavour. In the drama’s case, in the process, the boss will grow as a person. Baek Jin Hee is one of those actresses who star in a lot of dramas but I still have to see them in anything. She wrapped Let’s Eat 3 not too long ago.

Feel Good To Die premieres on November 7 on KBS as a follow-up drama to horror The Ghost Detective. Gong Myung (Revolutionary Love) costars as section chief of the same company where our leads work, and Park Sol Mi (Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho) stars as the director. The PD of Sassy Go, Go is at the helm and the drama is based on a webtoon.